Download Realme Unlock Tool APK (For All Realme Devices)

Are you looking for Realme Unlock Tool APK or Realme Deep Testing APK? If yes then you are landed at the right place. On this page, we are giving Deep Testing APK files according to devices.

As you know that Unlock Tool APK is different for different Realme devices. If you want to Unlock Bootloader on any of Realme smartphones then you need this tool.

Realme Unlock Tool APK

From the below list you can download the deep testing apk for your Realme device. We will keep updating this page for future devices and android versions.

  • You can download this apk for all Realme Phones out there – Download
  • This apk will support all Realme devices running Android 10 – Download
Device Download
Realme 3 Pro Android 9 | Android 10
Realme 5 Pro Android 9 | Android 10
Realme X Android 9 | Android 10
Realme XT Android 9 | Android 10
Realme 2 Pro Android 9
Realme 1 Android 9
Realme U1 Android 9
Realme 3 Android 9 | Android 10
Realme 5 Android 9
Realme X2 Pro Android 9 | Android 10
Realme 5i Android 9
Realme X2 Android 10
Realme 6 Pro Android 10
Realme 3i Android 10
Realme X50 Pro Android 10

Make sure to download the tool according to your android version.

12 thoughts on “Download Realme Unlock Tool APK (For All Realme Devices)”

  1. Hi guys ^^

    I’ve been trying to unlock the bootloader in my realme x3 superzoom updated to Android 10 but after trying almost all possible apk’s I keep finding that every time It says “app not installed”.

    Any idea why would happen this?

  2. I am not able to install realme unlock tool on my Realme NARZO 10 device and can’t even find specific apk anywhere….Help

  3. hi the unlock tool doesn’t install, it keeps giving error “app not installed”
    using realme 7 pro with rmx2170_11a.36


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