Download Magisk Beta v22.1 Latest Version For Android 2023

Are you getting a problem while downloading Magisk or your handset showing error 1 and error 7? then, the most prominent solution to this problem is the Magisk Beta.

The rooting community is highly anticipated this due to loads of inbuilt features and ease of installation. Though, for some unknown reasons, you may see a problem for that what you can do is-

You can download the downgrade older version, but on the contrary, you won’t be able to get the advanced features of Magisk. So, downloading the Magisk Beta could count as a great choice.

By following the simple guide to download and install the Magisk Beta, you can easily apt the resource. At the same time, you will get the profit of early access features.

So, without wasting the momentum, let’s begin the article.

What is Magisk Beta?

Like Magisk, Magisk Beta is one stop all in one solution for rooting devices while it can be counted as the most reliable software even if you are a noob or tech enthusiast. It doesn’t matter whether you have a high-end smartphone or budget device.

You will get Root’s privilege with administrative control over the device and get the high-tech customization with lots of tweaks.

This is just a Beta version of Magisk, which includes the pre features that aren’t added in the official application. If your device is shown, the above-given issues downloading the Magisk can be proven as a convenient alternative.

The advanced features of the Beta are that you will get early access to brand-new features with better bug fixing quality. You can report about the bug issues directly to the Topjohnwu’s XDA thread by making patch files and then send it to the GitHub thread of the developer.

But WAIT! If you were in rooting for a few years, you might have known that Magisk does become famous through its Systemless format. And there are several functions of the rooting that make him the king of rooting solution. On the other hand, if you are a newbie, don’t worry because you are getting the best solution for normal rooting.

Before downloading the Beta, you have to download the Magisk manager so that you can use Beta as well as the main Magisk.

About Magisk Manager

It’s an application designed to run all the essential things related to Magisk, Like Modules, Zip, Beta. Alongside this, it contains the root permission access over the third-party apps. It provides inclusive list of features that you may have never seen before in a particular application.

With downloading the Magisk Manager, you can’t download the zip and other things. In the end, the Magisk and its Manager is bind together to work properly and provide root privileges.

The Systemless feature is only achieved through its Manager because it stirs down every important file regarding rooting into the smartphone’s booting section. As a result, it will not interfere with the system files while qualifies to be more reliable since it didn’t change the system partition.

Download and Install Magisk Beta On Android

There are two methods to unlock the Root functionally of any device. First, by the Custom Boot recovery system and second by patching the boot image file, which will get familiar below and the tech enthusiasts may have already aware of this.

Please get the latest version of the Magisk manager setup from this article and installed it in the internal files section. Follow the given below steps to install –

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  • Click on the link to get the Magisk Manager.
  • If you haven’t enabled the download from an unknown source, Enable it right away.
  • Now, install it. It will take some time and boom you are in the apps.

You can’t work with Magisk beta until you completely root your device. And as I mentioned earlier, there are two ways from which you can attain Root. Further, before doing anything, so you need to unlock the bootloader then, you are ready to go.

The TWRP method – which is the easiest way to root the device. You only need to download the latest Team Win Recovery Project software according to your smartphone model. You are then required to boot the phone in the boot loader.

The second method is via patching the boot image file, which takes time and usually required a PC. We have covered up a full guide from which you will easily understand How to Install Magisk using Patch boot img. Check that as well.

We hope you have installed the TWRP system. Now, it’s time to grab the Magisk Beta firmware. Download it and placed it in the internal storage.

Note: Make sure that you have taken a backup of all the necessary data because you may permanently lose data in some cases.

  • Its time to turn off the phone and press the power key with the volume up button to enter the boot section.
  • Hold still for a few seconds.
  • A brick-like interface with different options will open, then click on the install.
  • The internal storage files directory will open, navigate to where you installed the Magisk Beta Zip.
  • Click on the file and swipe to begin the adventure of customization.
  • When the process was finished, Root the system to enjoy the rooting features.

Remember, in some cases, and you may have to download the Magisk Manager again.

How to update Magisk Manager with Magisk Beta?

Just like above, you need to install the Magisk Manager to perceive the Beta via being in the application. So, comprehend the steps to obtain Magisk Beta directly.

Note:- For this process, you must carry a rooted device before installing the Magisk Manager with working ZIP.

  • Open the Magisk Manager and Tap on the menu bar
  • Now, go to the setting option
  • Then, press the update Channel and change the settings to Beta.
  • Again go to the homepage and swipe down to refresh the screen
  • Snap-on the update button
  • Wait a little bit, and the installer box opens up, press installs
  • Few choices were given, select the direct install one.
  • After choosing that option, it will automatically divert to the flashing page and start the installation process.
  • When the process is done, it takes some time, clicks on the Reboot button to restart your phone.

Now that you have it enjoy it!

Features of Magisk Beta

The Magisk integrates tons of features and tweaks for the user. Also, add up a few fantastic parts that will expand the limits and drastically enhance the performance. All thanks to the Topjohnwu team.

Open Source

The most prominent features that help the developer for building software and modules in the mod repo. Most of the time, the root firmware only a few ROM that is pre-installed, and due to closed source format, no one can design something new or exciting for the community.

But on the other hand, the Open Source design in a more relaxed way while rise and shine in the Magisk Community.

If you have certain doubts, you can also ask about the official XDA developer thread of Magisk.

While you can also make a Modified application and can upload them in the module Repo.


Magisk root solution is the best way to give root permissions to other applications as well as software. The MagisikSU interface has developed over the course of time by the hardship of the Topjohnwu team. It’s shaken the SuperSU proclaim throne and become the best in that domain.

On the same note, it designed its firmware in that way that it can easily bypass the SafetyNet interface, and you can also check the SafetyNet status of your device at the same time.


The Root can be easily visible to the banking apps, and advanced or popular application because they use anti root code in their form. To decrease the violation of the internal policies.

In short, you won’t be able to entre even after hitting all the tricks and techniques until you unroot the device. But you didn’t need any of this. Use the MagiskHide option to hide your root status from the apps you want in a few simple clicks.


These are the best features of the Magisk so far. With Resetprop, change the internal settings and manage according to preference. Plus, you can also delete the annoying Bloatware, which is pre-installed by the manufactures.

As a result, you will get a clean user interface experience after doing so. But, beware before deleting anything aimlessly search on the internet how things will be done.

Online Module Repo

A comprehensive library of modules furnishes you with a simple on your face. With the help of Online Module Repo, you can add and remove modules as much as you want to correspond to the requirement.

But before downloading modules aimlessly, we have a dedicated guide of best modules you can implement on your device. Check that as well to receive unique features and customization.

Better User Interface

The Interface of Magisk Managers changes from time to time when the latest update drops. There simple design and layout makes the application straight forward and easy to use.

Regular Updates

The application gives regular updates with occasionally add on of extra features, and developers fix the bugs. It’s one of the most remarkable facts of Magisk Manager.

How to Install Magisk Modules?

To reach beyond expectation customization, the Magisk has implemented Modules function in the apps. So, you make your device look like Google Pixel for the inside out.

There are various types of personalization configuration present in the Repo.

Consequently, for downloading Modules, just follow the steps –

  • Open the Magisk Manager APK from the App drawer.
  • Go to the menu from the top left side three lines.
  • Now, click on the download option.
  • It’s time to select the module, choose anything you want
  • The automat process of the download will start within a few seconds.
  • After it’s completed, finally, tap on the Reboot to end the process.

How to Uninstall Magisk Beta?

There low chance that you may have face bugs or lags during the usage. If you seriously want to uninstall it, then keep moving forward to find out how.

Download the Magisk Uninstaller flashable Zip file from here:

  • Make sure you download the uninstaller Zip then
  • Open the TWRP mode by pressing the power button + volume up
  • Select the Install option
  • Navigate to the uninstaller files
  • Click on it and then swipe to start the process
  • Wait till the process end, then press on the reboot system.
  • Amigos, you have done it!

On the other hand, the second method is quite convenient than the first one. Just go inside the Magisk Manager APK and follow the below.

  • Press on the uninstall choice, which on the home screen.
  • A dialog box will open, select the completely uninstall option.
  • Now, it will ask for some permission, give it.
  • Then, the process will start and wait until the phone is automatically rebooted.
  • After Reboot, the trace of rooting and Magisk goodness will be removed entirely.
  • You have successfully uninstalled Magisk.

Why error 1 or error 7 is showing when I’m trying to install Magisk?

There are a few reasons why this happens, first when you have an old version of TWRP or outdated Magisk Software. Make sure you have the latest variant of every aspect regarding rooting.

What this Systemless mean?

Usually, when any software root device, they generally change the internal or, in other words, system files configuration. And modify them to work in a precise manner for rooting. But, in the case of Magisk, it didn’t do any notorious thing. It places all the files in the boot partition rather than system partition, which is known as Systemless-ly.

How to use MagiskHide?

To use this feature, just enter in the application >> go to the settings >> find the MagiskHide option and enable it >> Now, the MagiskHide will be showing on the Menu, click on it >> select the application >> press done to complete the process.

Wrapping Up –

The MagiskBeta is a fantastic tool that arrives with pre features and tweaks. Alongside this, we have provided the easiest way to install and uninstall MagiskBeta. Still, if you face some issues, the comment box is open to solve your problem.

We believe there is nothing more about the Magisk Beta, which we can combine. Still, please let us know in the comment section if you have any doubts regarding the process.

Till the next time, Happy Rooting!