How to Root Realme V3 5G using Magisk (Comprehensive Guide)

Hey there, welcome to the android Rooting tutorial. In this guide, I will show you how to Root Realme V3 5G variant with Magisk and TWRP recovery. I have shown you the easiest method to Root Realme V3 devices with TWRP recovery.

Before applying the steps, I highly recommend taking a full backup of the Realme V3 smartphone. This step is essential, and you must take it seriously.

Sometimes due to a lack of understanding, you may encounter several problems that can make your device dead. But if you have the backup, then you can restore your valuable files anytime you want.

I have provided detailed information about the beast smartphone Realme V3 so make sure to read it.

About Realme V3 5G

The Realme Smart-brand, which focuses on manufacturing low-budget smartphones, is about to unveil the first cheapest 5G smartphone of the generation – Realme V3. Basically, this device is already launched in China and a few other countries, but for India, the expected launching date of this most affordable smartphone is 17 Dec 2020.

Realme V3 is an eye-catching invention embedded with the Mediatek 720 Dimensity 5G chipset and 5000mAH fast charging setup.

As we already have stated that Realme is one of the only brands to manufacture superior devices at the lowest price. So the Realme V3 here will provide you with a 6.5 inches big IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen for making you experience big-screen entertainment.

Moreover, It’s an extremely lightweight smartphone with damn slight poundage of 189.5 grams, and still, it’s built off the prime-quality plastic body supporting dual-sim configuration.

This new title-holder is showering immense quality features with gigantic hardware support. The Realme V3 is featured with a brilliant square shape triple-camera setup like all the most delinquent generation smartphones.

For emerging the device’s beauty to an advanced level, The Realme V3 is installed with a dewdrop front 8MP selfie camera design in the top-center position. Moreover, it provides over ten different camera modes consisting of Panorama, portrait, Ultra, and HDR.

Realme V3 works on the Android 10 OS, and for providing you with the 5G speed, it’s implanted with the Mediatek 720 density processor. Basically, this processor is especially great for performance and as well as it supports Dual 5G networking which means that you can use both the sims on the 5G network at the same time.

Moreover, it’s outfitted with the long-lasting 5000 mAh battery life, although it charges at a standard 18W. It’s not launched yet in India, so most of the specs are rumored, and the expected price in India for the 6GB/64GB variant is 10,690.

Steps to Root Realme V3 Using Magisk

In this guide, I have shown you in detail how you can Root Realme V3. You don’t have to follow different articles for Unlocking the bootloader and installing TWRP recovery.

Root Realme V3 with Magisk

Please read the complete guide before applying the steps. This will avoid confusion.


  • You need a PC/Laptop to execute the ADB command.
  • This method will wipe all your data. So, take a complete Backup of android.
  • Charge your phone up to 75% or more.
  • Realme V3 Original USB Cable.

Note: Rooting is a complex process, so if you miss any of the below steps will end up bricking your device. So, make sure to follow all the steps carefully as shown.

We are not responsible for any loss and damage to your device. Apply the below steps with your own risk.


Below we have given the download links of files that will be used in this guide. In any steps, if the particular file is asked you to download, then you can come here and download it. We will update the links according to the latest build by developers.

  • TWRP for Realme V3 – Download [PC]
  • Realme V3 Stock Firmware – Download  [Android 10] [PC]
  • Realme USB Drivers (Optional) – Download [PC]
  • SDK Platform Tools – Download [PC]
  • Magisk ZIP (Latest Version) – Download [Phone]
  • Realme Unlock Tool APK – Download [Phone]

Step 1: Extract Vbmeta.img file from Realme V3 Stock ROM

This file is vital to prevent boot loop problems. So, we have to extract vbmeta.img file before flashing the recovery and Magisk.

  • Download Realme V3 Firmware on your PC. (Link will be in the downloads section)
  • Copy the firmware file to your Windows desktop for convenience.
  • Extract the ROM .ozip file using 7Zip-ZS.
  • Now Copy the vbmeta.img file to your PC. (You can find this file inside the firmware-update folder, or you can simply perform a search inside the folder.)

Step 2: Unlock Bootloader on Realme V3

  • First, Go to SettingsAboutSoftware Update → Check if any latest update is available.
  • Download and install the Realme Unlock tool apk on your phone.
  • Open the app and Tap on “Start applying.”
  • Accept the disclaimer and click on the “Submit Application” button.
  • The Realme server will check your application. It may take a few hours to show the “unlocking is successful” message on the app.
  • Open the app and tap on “Start the in-depth test,” and the device will reboot automatically.
  • Next, you will see fast boot_unlock_verify ok string on display.

Perform the below steps on PC/Laptop

  • Extract SDK Platform Tool zip file and open the extracted folder.
  • Type cmd on the address bar of the platform-tools folder and hit ENTER.

Powershell Window

  • Now a command window will open.

ADB Command Window

  • Connect Realme V3 to PC via original USB cable.
  • On the command window, type the below command. It should display the connected devices.
fastboot devices
  • Type the following command to reboot Realme V3 into bootloader mode.
adb reboot bootloader

Press “Enter” on your keyboard

  • Next, type the following command to unlock the bootloader on Realme V3.
fastboot flashing unlock

Press “Enter” on your keyboard

  • On your phone, press the Volume Up button to select “UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER.”

Realme Unlock Bootloader

  • After that, all your data will get erased, and your phone will freshly bootup.
  • That’s It, the bootloader on Realme V3 is successfully unlocked!

Step 3: Install TWRP Recovery on Realme V3

  • Now Download TWRP Recovery for Realme V3 on your PC. (Link is in the Download section)
  • Rename the recovery image to twrp.img.
  • Now move the TWRP image file to the platform-tools folder.
  • Again type cmd on the address bar of the platform-tools folder and hit ENTER.

Powershell Window

  • Now a command window will open.

ADB Command Window

  • On your phone, Enable the Developer Options.
    • Go to SettingsSystemAbout Phone and then tap Build Number six times.
  • Next, Enable USB Debugging
    • SettingsDeveloper Options → enable USB Debugging option.
  • Connect Realme V3 to PC using the original USB cable.
  • On the command window, type the following command.
fastboot devices
  • Hit Enter, It should display the connected devices.
  • If your device didn’t get recognized by your PC, then try reconnecting or check whether ADB and Fastboot drivers are installed successfully or not.
  • Next, type the following command to boot Realme V3 into fastboot mode/ bootloader mode.
adb reboot bootloader
  • Hit Enter, Now Drag and drop your vbmeta.img file, or you can copy the vbmeta file and paste it to the platforms folder and then run the below command.
fastboot –disable-verity –disable-verification flash vbmeta vbmeta.img
  • Hit Enter, type the below command to flash TWRP recovery on Realme V3.
fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  • Finally, reboot Realme V3 into recovery mode by entering the below command.
fastboot reboot recovery
  • That’s It, the TWRP on Realme V3 is successfully flashed!

Step 4: Root Realme V3 using Magisk

Now we are finally ready to flash the Magisk zip file on Realme V3.

  • Download (Latest Version)
  • Now Power off your device.
  • Press the Volume Up + Power button to boot into the recovery mode.
  • Under the TWRP recovery page, select Install.

Install Magisk With TWRP-Recovery

  • Locate the Magisk zip file and select it.

Locate Magisk Zip File

  • Next, Swipe to confirm Flash.

Flash Magisk Zip

  • Once the flashing process completes, tap on the Reboot system.
  • That’s it, and you have successfully rooted your Realme V3 device.

Furthermore, you can install Magisk App on Realme V3. This app is beneficial. It is used to manage root permissions. With the help of this powerful app, you can further install Magisk Modules, and more.

Conclusion –

We have shown you all the required steps to Root Realme V3 smartphone. I have tried my best to cover all the required guides in this single article, which will help you understand the steps rightly.

I hope you find this guide helpful and informative. If you like it, then share your valuable feedback in the comments, or if you have any suggestions regarding our articles, you can contact us.

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