8 Best Tablets for Students in 2022

Are you a student and want to make it easier for you to take notes? We suggest you buy one of the best tablets for students. If you buy one of these, not only will it be easier for you to copy your notes, but you will also do my essay or research paper.

If you haven’t tried studying with this tool yet, we invite you to do so. We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed even once.

What tablet should you choose?


This is currently one of the best tablets you can buy for studying. We recommend it not only because it’s full, but also because it’s really fast and doesn’t cause blockages that can turn note-taking into torture.

The tablet is big, easy to use, and, most importantly, it can be used with accessories such as a portable keyboard. With this accessory, you can turn it into a small notebook and therefore take notes more easily. It comes with 64 GB of built-in memory, but it can easily be expanded with a microSD card.


Another high-quality tablet that won’t let you down at university. It is one of the best-selling for this purpose and has proven to be excellent value for money.

True, it is slightly inferior to the Samsung model, but because it is cheaper, it is a great option for people on a tight budget. The resolution is FullHD, so you can use it not only for studying but also for watching your favorite content. It is fully functional and updated from time to time to keep up with the times.


If you need a tablet with accessories at a competitive price, we recommend you consider this tablet. This one not only comes with a keyboard but also a mouse and a pen. It is very well suited for students.

It features a 10-inch screen. Add to that a reading mode that helps your eyes get less tired when reading text. It is maneuverable and doesn’t suffer from clogging during use. We were impressed with the Wi-Fi availability, it gets a very good signal from the university and home.


If you do not care about the brand, but you want a quality tablet for studying, we assure you, this is another option at a very good price. The picture quality is good and it is characterized by maneuverability.

For its price, it is very complete. It has a pen for writing on the screen, a keyboard and mouse, headphones, a case… it is a very interesting alternative. It is in high demand and has high reviews. Of course, you can use it for more than just studying. We tested it for watching movies, YouTube, and surfing and had no problems. However, for playing demanding games it is a bit limited.


A tablet that we personally really like because of the brand and, above all, because of the good results. The 10-inch screen looks good, although it is true that it has quite a lot of frames. In our opinion, the bezel could have been made a little thinner for optimal perception.

When buying this model, you can do it with 1 or 2 GB of RAM. If you don’t want to have performance issues, we recommend the 2GB option. It’s a little more expensive, but it will give you the performance you need for university use.


A high-quality brand that includes a stylus that allows you to take notes traditionally, but digitally. We explain, that with the stylus, the screen will capture text and save it. It’s an eco-friendly way to take notes and have them always at your fingertips. In addition, if you use a special program, you can share your notes or print them with one button. This makes the tablet very popular in universities.

It is very easy to use and has a processor and RAM that make everything run smoothly. The screen resolution is FHD+, so you won’t have any problems studying. Another thing we really liked is the internal battery. It has a long battery life, which means you can now attend all your classes on a single charge. It also has cameras that allow you to take pictures of the board and avoid having to make copies.


Another interesting option for those who want to buy a tablet for study. This is the main purpose of this model, although, however, it can be easily used for other purposes.

The package includes a case, keyboard, mouse, and pen. Everything is aimed at making it easy for the student to use what they are most interested in at any given time. The design is not the most elegant, but since it is good value for money, we can say that it is an excellent alternative.


If your study days are long and you are looking for a tablet with which you can enjoy great battery life, this option will fit very well with what you are looking for. In this case, the battery is 8000 mAh, which means many hours of battery life.

It has all possible connections, including Bluetooth, so you can connect a keyboard. It is also compatible with student pens. It’s maneuverable, you’ll be able to move multiple apps around with no problem so that studying isn’t difficult. The Wi-Fi is powerful, and we like the shock resistance. If autonomy is more important to you than a brand, you won’t be disappointed with the quality and price.

Final words

Using a tablet for studying, doing university assignments, writing essays, and taking notes are becoming fashionable, especially among young people. The first advantage is its weight. Since the tablet is lighter, it can be carried from one place to another with less effort. 

In addition, the more powerful models allow you to work without any clogs, so it is a great option for today’s young people. The key is to use it with a tablet pen and keyboard. This makes it easier to get the most out of university. The main thing is that the option you choose allows you to take notes and study with great comfort.

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