Apps Where you can Actually Make Money

Last year saw 146 billion apps downloaded to various devices. Out of these 55 billion were games and the rest were straightforward applications. It is perhaps not too surprising that 2020 and 2021 saw a huge leap in the number of downloads, but something else was occurring apart from lockdowns and the pandemic.

One reason that more downloads occurred during the last couple of years is that more apps are available that payout real rewards. Apps that let users make money, or other bonuses, have been around for a while now, but many have been dubious at best. That has now changed, and there are plenty of genuine, legitimate money-making apps. 

What are the activities involved and the payout methods?

Not all of these apps will pay out directly in cash. Some do through the use of PayPal, but others might offer NFTs, crypto tokens, discounts, or perhaps gift cards for Amazon or other retailers.

One explanation behind these apps’ popularity is their variety. Gamers would find great appeal in the play-to-earn phenomena, while others might prefer apps that let them work from home or find gigs.

Generally speaking, these apps require the user to either carry out tasks such as filling in surveys, browsing the net, or completing levels on games. Some, though, require real-world work and are useful for those wanting to use their skills to create a new income.

Here are some varied applications that can help you to earn some money through your mobile device.

Internet casinos

Online casinos exploded during the last two years, and have become a popular form of entertainment. Visiting a nettikasinot will result in you being able to choose from a variety of games such as slots, roulette, and poker.

Many of these casinos require no money to play and can be enjoyed as free games. However, they do have the option to play for money and to win. Some caution should be observed, and you should always play responsibly. There is of course, no guarantee of a win.

Play-to-earn games

While there is no promise you will earn any money in an online casino, some of the play-to-earn games may be more lucrative. 

The play-to-earn sector reached $90 billion in 2020, and it is predicted to triple by 2025. Now, a word of warning. Not all play-to-earn games are equal, and some have left players with zero rewards after a huge amount of gameplay. Yet, there are some very popular and respected options available.

Rewarded Play, Mistplay, and Axie Infinity are all popular play-to-earn models. The first two payout to players through the use of gift cards which can be redeemed online at eBay and Amazon. Axie Infinity is highly popular now and pays out in various ways.

Axie Infinity has in-game tokens, an in-game currency, land, and also NFTs. $ASX tokens can be staked to claim rewards. $SLP can be used for trading or sold. NFTs and land can be traded or sold for Ethereum.

Rewarded Play and Mistplay can produce some rewards, but they can take a lot of gameplay. Mistplay returns are also capped at $50 a month. But, Axie Infinity was reporting average payouts of $400 per month last year. 

Cashback for shopping

Rakuten was reported to have 127 million users by the end of 2021. The idea behind this app is to reward people for shopping online. So, while you can’t generate any rewards through tasks or other activities, you can get cash back for purchases you would be making anyway. 

There are 3,500 stores available to be used through the app, and payouts are given every three months. This is a useful money-making app for those who like to shop online regularly.

Online surveys

There is no shortage of sites or apps for online surveys, but they vary massively in their payouts and legitimacy. 

Three of the longest-running platforms for online surveys are Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and InboxDollars. The latter has been in existence for 20 years, and they all payout through PayPal.

There are largely positive reviews for all of these apps, and Swagbucks claims to be the highest-paid survey operator in existence. You are unlikely to fill out surveys as a career, but if you want to make some extra cash then you could feasibly gain an extra $200 a month through one of these apps. 

Money for nothing – almost

The dream app would let you earn money through minimal effort and time. Well, this app may be as close as you can get to that, as long as your home has a little unused space. 

If you’re struggling for space you can get more storage on your Android with an SD card. But, if you have plenty of space in your home, you could be making big dollars for nothing more than letting others store their belongings. 

Neighbor is an app that calculates how much your basement, garage, attic, or spare bedroom may be worth to someone who needs storage. You input the space you have to offer, and Neighbor calculates how much you could make each year. This can be worth thousands of dollars.

 Free-to-play bingo

Blackout Bingo has the reputation of being one of the most addictive apps based around this popular game, although there are plenty of other options available. 

There are a number of bingo games such as the one named above, that allow players to play for free and reap some real-world rewards. The downside is that the rewards can be small, and the small print often stipulates a cash deposit before any other winnings can be withdrawn. 

If you enjoy bingo then this can be a way to make some extra cash as long as you aren’t expecting to win big, or give up the day job.

Finding work and gigs online

69 million Americans labor in the gig economy, which is more than a third of the country’s workforce. And, while it is not for some, for many it provides a convenient type of employment. 

Uber, Steady, and Upwork are three ways to gain either part-time or temporary employment. Uber in particular can be used to create a full-time position for yourself if you have a car and license.

Steady lets users look for on-demand job opportunities, along with part-time employment too. Upwork will let you use your skills if you wish to freelance. Typically, graphic designers, web designers, and writers are the kind of freelancers using Upwork.

It should be noted that Steady and Upwork will charge fees should you successfully find work, but unlike play-to-earn, you will be clear about how much money you will make for each gig.

Tips for earning money online safely

Many apps promise to help you make money either through playing games or from carrying out tasks. Before you install any app be certain it is legit. You can check by searching for reviews and articles relating to the particular app in question.

Also, always use legitimate download sites such as the Play Store. On a side note, you may find that all these apps are consuming data. Knowing how to stop apps consuming data unnecessarily will help you to increase your profitability, and make your mobile device more efficient. 

Be wary of apps that require cash inputs up-front unless they are well regarded. If you decide to go with any app that isn’t on this list, then perform some due diligence first.


It is possible to make money online through apps, but how much you can make will depend on the tasks you choose, and the platform. Some such as Upwork will require your real-world skills and time but will pay out accordingly. Others such as Rakuten will reward you for your normal shopping activities.

Choose the app that suits you, and the time you have available. And, if you do choose to play bingo or in a casino, only use the cash you can afford to lose or use the free-to-play versions that offer rewards.

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