What is considered a Good Internet Speed?

When looking for an internet connection, speed is one of the most important factors to consider. However, not everyone is aware of how fast a decent internet connection is. In the communications sector, things change quickly, and the internet service that worked for you last year may no longer be the best choice for you now.

While selecting among a list of internet providers, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the services they’re providing and to know the difference between slow and high internet speed. While looking for a fast connection, you can check out some of the amazing deals offered by AT&T internet and get to know about their offer by calling AT&T customer service number. 

You may choose the best bundle for your connection once you’ve learned everything there is to know about the services on offer and determined what you need. With that sorted, let’s learn more about good internet speed and the different factors that vary internet speed. This post will answer your most asked questions about internet speed and teach you how you can choose the right speed for your connection:

Why Does a Good Internet Speed Matter?

A fast internet connection is important for a variety of reasons, and its value varies from person to person. A person handling a significant customer online and closing a sales deal or selling a new project, for example, might lose his potential client simply by aggravating him with a poor connection and distracting interferences.

No matter how well-prepared the individual was for his online meeting with his customer, there is no value in his presentation or sales pitch if the client cannot comprehend anything he is saying. If you’ve had a similar problem in the past and wish to prevent it in the future, you’ve probably realized that a faster speed is best for virtual meetings.

This is just another example of how a poor internet connection might interfere with your daily activities. It may have an impact on anything from watching movies and TV shows with your family at home to your workflow.  That is why you must pick an internet service provider who can give you the right internet speed. Having an internet service that suits your needs means fewer disruptions in your regular tasks.

How to Know Your Internet Speed?

If you are wondering what is my internet speed right now? Consider running speed tests on the internet. There is no rocket science behind these tests and you can check your connection speed easily within a few clicks by the internet speed testing tools available for free.

Ookla Speedtest and Netflix’s Fast.com are two popular tools for evaluating internet speed that you can use for free on your laptop in any web browser. Even better, specialized smartphone apps for those same tools are available for free, such as Ookla Speedtest (Android / iOS) and Fast.com (Android / iOS).

There are differences in how different testing tools operate. Most popular applications, such as Ookla, function by downloading and uploading data to and from speed test servers across certain TCP ports. Ookla has thousands of servers in data centers all around the world. So, based on the best ping, it will automatically choose the closest server and perform the tests.

Connection Choice for Fast Speed Internet

Fast internet speed is best achieved through cable and fiber-optic internet connections. Fiber-optic internet is additionally a reliable alternative for speed stability because it does not deliver sluggish speed during high usage times as compared to cable connection. The maximum speed of fiber optic internet is roughly 20 times quicker than a traditional cable connection. 

Fiber internet also offers the same download and upload speed. The advent of 5G networks, without a question, is the greatest news in the high-speed internet industry these days. With speed and capacity that is more than 25 times faster than today’s 4G networks, 5G is anticipated to transform how consumers connect at home and on the move.

Choosing the Right Speed for Your Internet Connection

You may be wondering what the right internet speed is for your connection now that you know what a fast network speed is. Your download and upload requirements will determine the response to this inquiry. The following is a generic table of Mbps requirements for various online activities.

Online Activities Speed in Mbps
Use search engines to find content (Google, Bing, etc.) or view emails Up to 5 Mbps
Streaming video/ FaceTiming from one device Up to 40 Mbps
Streaming HD videos over multiple devices or playing multiplayer games online Up to 100 Mbps

The requirements listed above are based on a single person’s use. As a result, the ultimate speed needed will be determined by the number of devices connected to the network at the same time.

If you use your home internet connection for online surfing or email, you may not require significantly faster speed and may be satisfied with 10 Mbps. However, if you are simultaneously streaming HD films on several devices, playing online games, and using smart IoT devices, you should consider connections with speeds of more than 100 Mbps.

Wrapping up

For most people surfing the web or seeking a new internet connection, a fast broadband connection is a top priority. However, before upgrading your connection and spending extra money on it, you need to consider a few things. We’ve gone through what makes a good internet speed, how it’s measured, and how to pick the best speed for your needs.

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