15 Best Magisk Modules You Should Try in 2022

Hey Freaks, All Good? I had a question evolving in my mind around these days for the possibility of me to program some customizations to my Android smartphone.

Sadly, I got the most complex process while working on the official Android OS, but today I got pinged by the technology with my most desired gift – Magisk App

Magisk App or Magisk Manager is basically a “Systemless Interface” where you can make lots of your desired customizations and modifications at ease of access.

It’s a module-based root method, where you can download and install hundreds of modules and enjoy the most exceptional tweaks.

You can use them for installing third-party modifications, advanced music editing, embedding the Dolby Atmos drivers with your firmware, interface customization, and many more additional tasks.

Best Magisk Modules in 2022 (Must Try)

Best Magisk Modules
Best Magisk Modules in 2022

So, from hundreds of Magisk Modules, we’ve finally listed the top 15 Magisk modules for all the Magisk aspirers. You can imply these Magisk modules in your smartphone as well as your life with a simplistic installation process and enjoy all the prominent features listed below – 

1. Quick Switch Module

There are tremendous guys globally who got bored using the same OEM of their smartphone then either if it’s Realme UI, Oneplus, or MIUI, everything feels boring once! So what would be more delightful than a smartphone containing all OEM interfaces?

That’s where the need for the Quick Switch Module arises! Quick Switch Module is available on the Magisk Manager, and after installing it, You don’t need to change any settings. 

Just download your favourite OEM launcher like the APK file of Oneplus Launcher or Realme Launcher from your desired website. Install that launcher and open the Quick Switch Module to patch the launcher on AOSP ROMs.

Finally, you have to grant some permissions and wait for the phone’s rebooting to enjoy your favourite launcher!


2. Audio Modification Library (AML)

Hey, Have you gotten bored listening to your music with the same Audio MOD or frequency configuration? Or Do You want to flow with 3D music by Dolby Atmos on your Dolby-less smartphone?

Similarly, Our second Magisk Module is developed to provide you with splendid support in changing your smartphone’s Audio MOD – Audio Modification Library or AML.

This module contains a user-friendly interface, and you can download it simply from the Magisk Manager app. Afterwards, You can download your favourite Audio MOD and install it inside the AML; wait for reboot and Tada..!

You can now use your desired Audio MOD. Try over 15 exceptional Audio Mods on a single smartphone; Install AML!


3. Viper4FX (Legacy)

Having the different Audio Mods is fun, but still, you’re not fulfilled since you can’t customize your music or audio drivers or can’t make your desired adjustments in the frequencies.

Don’t worry! There is nothing complex or impossible on the Magisk Manager, and every problem points to a tweaky Magis Module, like Viper4FX, for your current trouble.

Viper4FX is our next Magisk Module, known for the assistive tool, enhancing your audio listening experience. Again, It’s available on the Magisk Manager, and after installing this module, you need to wait for a device reboot.

Afterwards, You can perform the adjustments inside your Audio Driver like optimize speaker, adjust bass & treble, surrounding 3D sound, reverberation, compress FET, and do many more tweaks with just enabling or disabling a toggle button!


4. Energized Protection

Time to pack one of the most beloved Magisk Module of this decade, Our fourth Magisk Module – Energized Protection. Going on its name, Energized Protection offers you the severe tools, which you can enable and protect your online web browsing energetically.

You can use its packs to blocking the banner and video advertisements and unlock lots of banned websites by for your server. Moreover, It’ll also help you in consuming your internet, fastening page-loading, and enhancing privacy!

You can download this Magisk Module via Magisk Manager and be required to allow for the Systemless hosts from the Magisk Settings.

Now It’s a little bit more tricky, as here you’re supposed to download the terminal app and inscribe a small command after enabling SU permission on the terminal, listed below – 

ep -h


5. EdXposed Module

If You’re a tech enthusiast and know the smartphone rooting process, then it’s merely impossible that you didn’t even get introduced to Xposed Manager.

It’s the origination of Android rooting and tweaking with modules and interfaced same as the Magisk Manager. So basically, If You love the Xposed Modules and wanna enjoy them back, here our next module initiates – EdXposed Module.

EdXposed module is a Magisk Module that can help you install the EdXposed Manager app and its exceptional modules on your smartphone. Just install the EdXposed Module, reboot the smartphone, and install the EdXposed Manager app to enjoy hundreds of Xposed Modules with zero hassle!


6.) Dolby Atmos: Razer 2

Again, you can understand a listening experience enhancer module directly with Dolby Atmos’s name. It’s one of the breathtaking sound quality enhancing or equalizing modules for Magisk users.

The first feature of Dolby Atmos: Razer 2 is the convenience since music compensating and the frequency adjusting sometimes feels complex.

But thanks to our module, since it’s granting you the best controls, you can handily employ and make your listening experience bizarre.

Now within the handy interface, you can also download and install it in simple steps. First, you need to download the AML module from the above link and flash it on your Magisk enabled smartphone.

Before rebooting, You have to download the below placed Dolby Atmos: Razer 2 module and flash it on the device. Now You can reboot and enjoy the equalizing!


7. Audio Wizard: Asus

Music Controlling were the old days when we were supposed to change the tracks, play, and pause them! Nowadays, It’s our smartwatches’ work, and we’re supposed to use the Audio Wizard: Asus Magisk Module.

If You have already used any Asus smartphone before reading this article, ASUS must introduce you to the Audio Wizard Codec. It’s one of the world’s best Audio Mods I’ve ever experienced! 

Well, You can also endure this heaven-like enjoyment, and all you need here is the Magisk-installed smartphone with the seventh module of the series – Audio Wizard: Asus.

It’s the ditto Audio Mod as the realistic Asus smartphone experience. You can download it from the below link and install with the Magisk installer, to enjoy the DTS sound effect on your headphone with custom equalizing support!


8. G-Visual Mod

Time to surprise all our tweakers and the customization option seekers with the next Magisk Module named G-Visual Mod!

It’s a profoundly different creature inside the Magisk family since it neither works for module installation, sound modification, nor ad-blocking but still holding thousands of fans.

Basically, this module offers you the smartphone’s UI customization and so features. 

You can employ it for scaling the UI radius or simply converting all your notifications, dropdown menu, recent apps, and entire UI into a circle, rounded corner, or rectangle shape.

Furthermore, You can also add various gestures which aren’t available by your phone’s developer! Sounds excellent, right? Download it now, and flash it to try all its tweaks individually!


9. Gamingmode

Everything on the one side and the Gamingmode holding a different one is one of the global Magisk sensational modules. Gone the days when you were supposed to get annoyed with the game lag and low graphics as per the smartphone configuration!

It’s the new and technological life, and here you can download Gamingmode Module on your Magisk-enabled Android smartphone.

This module is compatible with many prominent Android games like PUBG Mobile, Call Of Duty Mobile, Asphalt Series, Garena Free Fire, Mobile Legends, and Arena of Valor.

Just click the below button and download it instantly to flash on your Magisk Manager; Employ the handy Volume buttons to control Gamingmode and start the advanced gaming on even a low-configured smartphone! 


10. GMS Doze

Time for one more unique Magisk Module developed for delivering you enormous power to complete all your task with zero hassle – GMS Doze! You must have imagined the work of Module with the word Power.

Yeah, You’re right! It’s the most effective battery saver option for Magisk Rooted smartphones. Why most effective?

Basically, at least 30% of our smartphone’s battery is every day get consumed by the System, possessing apps like Google Play Services. Now You can’t simply disable the Google Play Services.

Still, eventually, the GMS Doze module optimizes apps like Google Play Services and offers you extended battery life than simple using! Download and install it, and try calculating your smartphone’s battery life before and after employing GMS Doze! 


11. NL Sound MOD

Time for one more sound MOD, ready to amaze you with a few advanced tweaks – NL Sound MOD. Basically, You’ve seen hundreds of Sound Mod from Xposed modules to Magisk modules, but here this beast will provide you with the most upgraded sound-enhancing protocol.

Primarily, It’s the simple Sound Mod, but within this simplicity, it offers the highest volume boost-up that you can enjoy at any Music Player.

Furthermore, The module is majorly created for gamers, and consequently, it’s offering you the best quality sounds at the highest frequency.

Now You can hear all the rivals’ footsteps merely with NL Sound MOD, and within this, You can also increase your Microphone tendency to let your friends listen to all your commands correctly.

Download and unleash the power of this beast right now!


12. Magnetar App

Most of the time, the Battery Saver applications and few such modules irritate Android users after complex controls and so many options.

Now, Magnetar Module isn’t a battery saver extension, but eventually, it’s a gaming+performance+battery saving extension! It holds a convenient app interface, where you can choose one of the four modes – Adaptive, Endurance, Balance, and Extreme. 

Adaptive is a performance-less mode where you can use even 10% battery for hours, where Extreme is the most performative mode made for gaming! Just download the module from the below link with the Magnetar APK, and install both this stuff to enjoy the appropriate performance!


13. Debloater

Let’s get to one of the smartest modules of the top 15 Magisk Module series – Debloater. It’s a simple Magisk Module which you can understand directly by the name Debloater, De Bloater!

Yeah, You’re going right! It’s a simplistic module that permits you to uninstall annoying system applications like your phone’s app store, community, browser, and many more interrupting apps.

Now, If you’re a regular user, you can’t uninstall these apps, but nothing is impossible after being Magisk enabled!

All You need to do is download Debloater Module from the below link and flash it on your Magisk Manager.

Now, You’re ready to tweak, just reboot your smartphone, download the Terminal app from Play Store, then apply the below commands – 

su (Grant Superuser permission)

Cool! Now You can observe the list of app folders on your smartphone screen and can open any folder to uninstall any annoying application. But please don’t uninstall any unknown system app, as your phone can get boot looped with such a single mistake!


14. Benchkit and JankBenchX APK

We’ve finally covered all the critical customizable modules in almost every stream but still forgot the most important one. Yeah, We omitted performance Testing and frame rate testing of our UI!

You must be thinking of it as unimportant stuff, but believe me, You need to know about all such statistics for flashing the appropriate ROM as per your Smartphone’s UI performance.

Introducing Benchkit! It’s the same stuff you need right now. Benchkit is a well-known Magisk Module used for testing the smartphone’s UI performance since it contains seven different checks on thousands of excellent prospects.

You can download this module below and flash it on your Magisk File Manager with zero hassle! After flashing the module, you also have to download the below-placed app, JankBenchX APK, the only GUI for employing the Benchkit module! Enjoy testing!


15. KFMark Enabler

Do You know how much of your CPU performance is getting employed by your games? And how much battery is getting consumed every single hour by the games on your smartphone?

If No, KFMark Enabler Magisk Module is developed only for you! It’s the basic Magisk Module that helps you know the complete detail of any Android game you’re playing.

After downloading it from the below link and installing it on your smartphone, You also need to install an application named KFMark, which is below listed!

The real stuff is mild and can get handled handily; just flash KFMark Enabler and get the game’s full stats, including FPS, Battery consumption, and CPU Power Consumption. Enjoy!


Conclusion –

Finally, You can download all the Magisk Modules listed above and install all your desired ones, as per your suitable need and daily functions. These modules will surely make all your tasks handy and help you make most of the processes automated.

Just click the appropriate download link and acquire any of your favourite modules from the above links. We’ll get back soon with more epic options for all our tech enthusiasts! See You Later!

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