How to Stop Data Consuming Apps in Android

In this article, we tell you how you who have an Android phone can stop an app that uses your mobile data more than you want.

Restrict an app’s background data

In many apps, you can go into the app’s settings and ask the app to only use data over Wi-Fi networks. However, some apps do not have that setting option or it is difficult to find it. However, you can control exactly which apps have the ability to use your mobile data.

If you find an app that you do not want to give mobile data access to, you can easily block that app. Go to Settings and click on Apps or Applications. Find the app you want to block and click on it. Then click on Data usage. Here is an option that is usually called “Limit the app’s background data”. Clicking on this option disables the app’s ability to use mobile data. The app can now only surf over Wi-Fi networks.

Stop mobile data over hotspots

If you use a friend’s mobile hotspot, your setting will unfortunately be ignored. Because your phone thinks you are using a Wi-Fi network, your setting will be ignored and you risk devouring your friend’s mobile data. However, there is a slightly hidden setting in Android that can help.

Go to Settings and click on Data usage. Click the menu button and then Network Restrictions. Here you get a list of all the networks you have connected to at any time. Activate the setting for your friend’s hotspot and all data sent over that network is handled as if it were a mobile network.

Four year old features

With two simple settings, you can have full control over your mobile data usage. However, it is worth noting that different Android phones may have different names for the same setting. However, all Android phones that have been launched in the last three to four years support the features mentioned in this post. Although your settings are not necessarily named exactly the same as ours, they are almost guaranteed to be hidden somewhere in your phone as well.

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