All you need to know about digital ID

Digital ID – what does it mean?

Many people are not aware of it, but digital identity is not only user personal data like name and surname. It consists of all internet activity of users: websites they visit, portals to which they log in, online purchases, entered websites addresses on any device, doesn’t matter PC or mobile phone.

Internet users are often not aware of how much data they leave on the Internet each day. Should someone depend on finding information about any user, its internet activity is the primary source of knowledge. All these digital traces make up a user’s digital identity. Therefore, Internet users should be extremely cautious on the Internet. They need to make sure that their passwords have a high level of security, not to click on suspicious links, not to enter personal data when it’s only optional. Any carelessness risk the theft of user personal data.

Digital identity platform – way of protecting digital identity

We live in a time when economic and social activities moved to the Internet. This means that citizens are required to set up many different profiles requiring the disclosure of personal data. Each of these profiles has different data storage and sharing conditions. Some portals take care of the security of personal data and some do not pay too much attention to it.

Accounts on many different profiles require their users to remember a large number of logins and passwords. This makes management difficult and calls into question the security of users’ personal and sensitive data.

Governments and private organizations are looking for solutions to store, share and verify identities safely. Therefore, TrustGrid meets these expectations offering such solutions to government agencies and private sector organizations.

For TrustGrid data security and confidentiality have been the cornerstone of creating a digital identity platform. It is for government agencies and private organizations to create their digital identity ecosystems. All about TrustGrid and its innovative digital solutions for governments and private organizations can be found on This company offers innovative cryptography, data privacy, and confidential processing into a highly customizable identity platform. TrustGrid is also supplied with mobile applications suitable for various use cases.

How digital ID can be used in everyday life?

Thanks to Digital identity on digital ID platforms, a life of many can become easier and save a lot of time. All thanks to the fact that there is no longer a need to run around bureaus.

Many things can be arranged online without leaving home. In addition, there is 100% safety of personal data. It’s because data is encrypted and kept confidential. Thanks to digital ID platforms, users can safely obtain a loan, settle accounts with the tax office, consult a doctor, apply for a job or study, rent a car, and many other things.

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