What is an eSIM card? What you Should Know

Plastic-free, metal-free and card-free. This is how the SIM cards of the future will be. eSIM is the SIM card of the future and means that we no longer need a physical SIM card in our mobile phones and devices. Read more about what e-SIM is, where you can get it today and what it means for you as a consumer.

What is an e-SIM?

e-SIM is the digital SIM card of the future and stands for embedded SIM (not electronic SIM as you might think). Instead of a physical SIM card in plastic that is inserted in the mobile, a QR code is used to identify the subscription and the telephone number. The e-SIM is activated by scanning the QR code and then stored in the device.

There are products, such as the Apple Watch, which today use e-SIM. On the other hand, it is a relatively new product on the market where development is in its infancy. Still, today, e-SIM is offered by many major operators.

Is there an eSIM for mobile phones today?

As the development of e-SIM is still in its infancy, it will be a while before all mobile operators and products support the technology. However, it is possible to get an e-SIM already now.

Today, the availability has been expanded to include a larger selection of devices that support eSIM. Both mobile phones, tablets and smartwatches support e-SIM. Examples are iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, and newer, all models within the Samsung Galaxy S20 series and the newer iPad models.

What does this mean for you as a consumer?

E-SIM requires the operator to add support to their technology. This means that the operators will launch the service as their technology has developed. Before the mobile market only sells e-SIMs and phones that support the service, we will see many hybrid products, ie products that support both physical SIM cards and e-SIMs.

Regardless of whether you get a hybrid phone or a pure eSIM phone, development means that you will be able to have several subscriptions connected to the same phone. This means that you can, for example, have your private number and your work number on the same phone. If you have a pure e-SIM phone, you can have several subscriptions connected to the phone. If you have a hybrid phone, you can have both an e-SIM and a SIM card at the same time and thereby have several subscriptions in the same phone.

Having several mobile subscriptions or prepaid cards on one and the same phone can also be beneficial when you travel abroad. You can then easily choose to use your internationally adapted e-SIM whenever you wish, and easily change subscriptions with a few keystrokes.

Since an e-SIM can not be stolen and the information sent to or from the e-SIM is encrypted, it is said to be a more secure alternative than today’s SIM card.

The benefits of e-SIM

  • You can change the operator basically immediately
  • No need to wait for a new SIM card if you change operator or lose your SIM card
  • You can have several subscriptions and prepaid cards connected to the same phone
  • Temporary subscriptions will only be easier to use because you can have several subscriptions in the same phone
  • It will be easier to make waterproof products because the SIM card cover disappears
  • It leaves room in the phone for new exciting technologies
  • Reduced costs for operators due to reduced customer service and distribution of physical SIM cards
  • More environmentally friendly alternatives with reduced metal and plastic in the environment

Which devices use e-sim?

E-sim will probably be used by all types of devices in the future. Today, there are mobiles that can use e-sim, but the technology is mainly used in smartwatches, such as the Apple Watch.

Does iPhone support eSIM?

Yes, for some time now, all Iphone models produced have supported e-sim. You can either combine e-sim and nano-sim card or use only the e-sim card for your phone number.

How to get eSIM?

If your operator offers e-sim and your phone supports the technology, all you have to do is enter the sim card settings in your mobile and scan the QR code. Then your e-sim is added and you can use it as a regular sim card.

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