How To Play Baccarat At A Wazamba Casino

Baccarat is an easy game known for centuries. If you want to gamble Wazamba casino games and enjoy this process, baccarat is the best decision. You can bet on 3 outcomes, such as the player wins, the banker wins, and the draw.

Scoring Rules

All number cards (from 2 to 9) are scored at their face value. A nine is worth 9 points, an eight is worth 8 points, and so on. All pictures (tens also count as pictures) give 0 points. Aces give 1 point.

The best combination in baccarat is a straight (only two initial cards are used) with a total of 8 or 9 points. When this combination appears, the game is over and the winner is revealed immediately.

The point total is determined by adding up the face value of all the cards held by a particular participant. If the sum of points is greater than 9, ten points are subtracted from it. So, 15 collected points gives a Wazamba casino member only 5 points.

Gaming Tables

Real casinos use the classic varieties of baccarat, which require large gaming tables, as the number of players reaches 10-14 people. Mini-baccarat, common in online gambling establishments, including a Wazamba casino, provides for the participation in the game of only one player. So, the game table is much smaller, without the extra boxes and markings.

Game Moves

In all varieties, the aim of the game is the same. Players choose what to bet: to win the banker, to win the player, a draw. Once the decision is made, the dealer deals two cards each to the banker and the player.

Then each participant may buy one more card. Combinations are compared and points are calculated. Whoever has more points, he won, respectively, all who bet on the winner get a payout from the casino. Websites take money from those who have lost (in some varieties, the system of payment of winnings is different).

The primary purpose of baccarat is to predict the outcome of the draw by betting on the event.

Features Of Baccarat In A Real Casino

In real casinos, there are many players sitting at the table.

In European baccarat, each player takes turns to be a banker. The banker must place a mandatory bet on the banker (this is the initial pot). It’s possible to decline the role of banker. Automatically the banker status goes round after each loss of the banker. The banker plays against the conditional player (against everyone who bet on the player who made the highest bet). The dealer deals two cards each.

In American baccarat, all players play against the banker representing the casino. Otherwise, the same rules of the game apply.

If the banker or player has 8 or 9 points (straight) after two cards have been dealt, the game is over. If the number of points is less, the third card rule takes effect.

The Third Card Rule

The rule is valid if the participants in the hand don’t have a natural combination. In this case, if a player has 5, he gets a third card automatically. If a player doesn’t get a 3rd card, the banker can get it only if there are 5 or fewer points.

If a Wazamba casino user buys a card, the banker’s ability to buy depends on the player’s card value (except if the banker’s points are between 0 and 2, in which case he always buys a card):

  If the banker has 3 points, he only takes a card if the player’s purchased card is not an eight;

  If the banker has 4 points, he takes a card only if the player’s purchased card is not a picture, ace, eight, or nine;

  If the banker has 5 points, he takes a card only if the player’s purchased card is not a four, five, six, or seven;

  If the banker has 6 points, he takes a card only if the card purchased by the player is not a six or a seven.

In other cases, the banker cannot get an extra card.

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