How to get your Samsung Battery to Last Longer and Charge Faster

The battery in the mobile phone wears out over time, and how you charge the phone also affects how fast it wears out. Samsung’s One UI gives you some control over it. To find the settings for it, go to the settings, select Battery and device care, click on battery and select More battery settings.

Here you can choose whether you want to allow fast charging, super fast charging or fast wireless charging. Fast charging causes more stress to the battery the faster it charges. In addition, the phone may become warmer if you are concerned about the risk of fire.

A new setting here is an option to set the battery not to charge more than 85 percent. The reason is that it is the last bit of the charge that wears out the most on the battery, and especially if you charge overnight, the mobile phone is charging at and off at the highest level for a long time.

Simply putting a cap on the charge solves that, but it’s not very elegant. 85 percent capacity is about what you have if you use the battery fully for two years, and here you then give up the extra capacity from the beginning to get a little better battery life after the first two years.

Other manufacturers such as Asus and Sony have had better solutions where the phone follows the clock and makes sure not to fully charge until an hour before you wake up. In this way, you save battery power while getting a full charge. But if you only charge from time to time at night and are willing to go in and set it manually, the function can be useful.

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