What is Telecommunication? Beginner’s Guide

In the beginning, communications satellites were used mainly as links in transatlantic transmissions. Satellites now account for an increasing share of the distribution of moving images for national and regional services, both in established and new areas, both for public utilities and business services.

From 25 years ago, almost exclusively by analog telephony, radio and television, today satellites convey a plethora of different forms of communication. Satellites and terrestrial solutions often complement each other, and together solve problems they have not been able to solve individually.

We do not see satellite technology, but most people use it more or less regularly without thinking about it. One such example is when withdrawing money from an ATM in other countries. Satellite links make it possible for the ATM to check that the person who wants to withdraw money really has money in their account.

Communication with inaccessible places

There are many places where there are no wires for telephone, television, or broadband routed. For these areas, satellites can provide an opportunity for contact with the outside world. This also applies to places where it is not possible to run cables – for example to trains, boats, and aircrafts.

Communication during disasters

During natural disasters and wars, normal communication channels are often shut down. Then satellites may be the only way to communicate with vulnerable areas. This can apply to telephone, TV, and Internet connections.

Virtual meetings and travel

The technology for virtual meetings and travel is constantly improving. Even today, meetings are conducted virtually via computer and a broadband connection, where the connection often goes via satellite. Further development of this technology means great opportunities to save both energy – and thus greenhouse gas emissions – and time.

This technology has the greatest potential for savings where the distances between the participants are long, and a satellite connection is therefore important or even necessary. It is also possible that technology will eventually make other types of virtual travel an alternative to physical travel. Internal communications are also an important aspect of this.

Distance school

For countries with poorly developed infrastructure and uneven access to trained training staff, satellite-based training services can be a great asset. They can both maximize the utilization of the resources available in the form of teachers and educational materials and, as far as possible, provide students with good IT skills.

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