What Are Google Play Services?

If you have an Android phone, you have probably seen Google Play services show up with a notification of an update. Since you do not have any app installed called Google Play services, this little notice can be really confusing. Although the updates can be a bit annoying and confusing, they have a point and are an important part of your Android phone.

Expensive updates

Since Android phones began to be sold to consumers, the operating system has been plagued by a major problem. When new versions of the operating system are released, updates are rarely sent to older Android phones. Because the updates cost money to manage and send out, many smartphone manufacturers choose to simply ignore some Android updates.

Keeps your phone up to date

New versions of Android often introduce new features that developers of new apps want to take advantage of. Because many devices are never updated, these features can also not be used in older models. Google Play Services is an attempt to resolve the issue. Google Play Services is a suite of updates that can be used by other Android apps. Because it is sent as an update via Google Play, smartphone manufacturers do not have to spend money on expensive updates and new features can reach old phones anyway. Through Google Play services, old phones also get access to some new functionality that can be used by new apps.

In short, Google Play services are a way for your phone to stay up to date. Therefore, if you see an update notice, it is recommended that you install it immediately.

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