THNDR Games: Powering Mobile Gaming With Real-World Value

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With the potential of Bitcoin, THNDR Games emerges as a pioneer, offering players not just entertainment, but also the opportunity to earn real-world money. Since 2019, THNDR Games has been at the forefront of merging entertainment with the growing ecosystem of Bitcoin, providing players with an immersive experience that transcends traditional gaming.

The Play-To-Earn (P2E) Model 

The P2E model is a gaming approach where players can earn sats (smallest piece of bitcoin) by participating in gameplay, completing tasks, achieving milestones, or engaging in other in-game activities. This model has gained popularity in recent years, offering players the opportunity to not only enjoy gaming but also earn bitcoin rewards as they progress. Players can then accumulate bitcoin earnings and transfer the sats to a Lightning Wallet. This model has attracted attention due to its potential to provide financial incentives to players and create new opportunities within the gaming industry.

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Since 2019, THNDR Games has been crafting games on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, offering players an enjoyable and accessible entry point into the Bitcoin rabbit hole through engaging gameplay.

THNDR Games has seamlessly integrated NOSTR into its platform, offering a unique feature called “Gaming Graph.” This innovative addition allows players to link their NOSTR profiles, earning exclusive “badges” for their in-game achievements.

“We love playing games and we love bitcoin so we set out on a mission to reward our loyal players with bitcoin for the time and energy they spend with us!”

Source: THNDR Games community page

THNDR Games, Not Boring Grinding

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At the time of writing, THNDR has 6 titles available to play. Each of them has a unique look, built for every occasion and different types of players.

To Download the games simply look for the titles on Google’s Play Store (Android) or Apple’s AppStore (iOS). Each game is an app of its own. 

Some games are nostalgic and relaxing, others more competitive and fast-paced.  

  1. Tetro Tiles: a tile-stacking brain teaser puzzle, akin to Soduko and Tetris.
  2. Club Bitcoin Solitaire: Bitcoin-powered classic Solitaire game.
  3. Bitcoin Bounce: for Geometry Dash enjoyers. In this game, you bounce along the blockchain while collecting tickets.
  4. Bitcoin Snake: classic Snake game, eating sats instead of apples.
  5. Turbo’ 84: a lane-changing fast-paced retro game, like Taito’s 1983 “Lane Change” title in the arcade. 
  6. Bitcoin Bay: a relaxing bubble shooter title that takes place on the seaside.

Real Money Back, Not Just Tokens

You can earn tickets as you engage with various THNDR games. These tickets are automatically converted into bitcoin and deposited directly into your in-app wallet every hour. Additionally, these tickets allow you to participate in hourly jackpot draws, with the jackpot resetting to zero at the start of each hour.

“Each ticket you collect is an entry into the daily prize draw.  The more tickets you collect, the more chances you have to win the bitcoin jackpot.  

All prize draw participants will win free bitcoin! (and some will hit the Jackpot!) ”

Source: THNDR website

Upon accumulating sats, you can seamlessly transfer them to your lightning wallet. You have the option to utilize custodial wallets such as Alby or Breeze or to securely store your Bitcoin rewards in a self-custodial wallet such as Phoenix or Mutiny wallet. 

The withdrawal process from the application is straightforward, leveraging the Lightning Network for fast transactions. Navigate to your profile, access “My Prizes”, and initiate the withdrawal of your sats by selecting “Claim”.

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THNDR Games revolutionizes gaming with the P2E model, allowing players to earn sats while giving a fun gameplay experience. THNDR Games offers diverse titles for all players. With seamless withdrawals to lightning wallets, it combines entertainment with real-world rewards, shaping the future of gaming and giving its users an introduction to the Bitcoin rabbit hole. 

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