Samsung Galaxy Smarttag Guide – What you Should Know

Samsung’s tracking tag should make it easier to find a missing keychain, a lost pet or see where the car is.

Late in 2020, Samsung launched Smartthings Find, a new way to find Galaxy devices whether it’s phones or headsets. With the small chip Galaxy Smarttag that Samsung has launched, that opportunity will also benefit other gadgets.

The tracker itself is a small square gadget with rounded edges and a hole for easy attachment to the keychain, bag handle, pet necklace, or other gadgets you want to keep an eye on.

You can then track the chip using your phone and the Smartthings app. Since the tag itself is not connected, it is dependent on a telephone being nearby to be able to report its position.

Thus, location reporting works in the same way as with a pair of Galaxy Buds headphones. The Smartthings app can tell you when and where the badge was last in contact with your phone, but if you lose the gadget that the badge is on, you can report it as lost and then other Galaxy phones can also anonymously and without that user noticing, report the location of the gadget so that you are notified via the Smartthings app.

Requires Samsung phone

In order for another user to be able to help find a missing Smarttag, that user must have a Samsung phone, have the Smartthings app installed, and activate the function.

If you are near the Smarttag, you can search for it with the phone, and then graphics are displayed on the screen that signals when you get closer to the gadget in question. In addition, you can press a button on the screen of the phone to make the tag play a signal so you can find it more easily.

The battery life of a Smarttag should be approximately 300 days, depending on how often you use the functions and when the battery that is in it is exhausted, it is easy to replace. It is of the standard type and you can open the tag yourself and replace the battery when it’s time.

Button can control other things

A button on the tracker itself means that you can also use the tray to control functions in the smart home. This is done via bluetooth LE and requires that you have a Smartthings Hub. If you have it, you can set it so you can control everything you can control at home, even with the help of your Smarttag.

In this way, you could, for example, open the garage door when you drive into the plot using the button on the Smarttag.

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