10 Reasons your Computer isn’t Charging

Is your computer charger not working as it should? In this article, we go through 10 common reasons why your computer charger may not be charging and how you can resolve it.

1. Worn or defective charger.

Power adapters for laptops can wear out over time from the cord being bent too much to a broken plug.

2. Dimensioned portable chargers

Sometimes a computer charger does not provide enough power to charge the battery while you are also using the laptop. This is common with extended batteries, ie extra battery capacity. Make sure the power ratings on your laptop, battery and power cord are consistent.

3. Defective or worn out electrical outlet on the laptop

This is one of the most common reasons why a laptop does not charge properly. Chances are good that you need to replace that electrical outlet on your laptop.

4. The laptop does not restart when a new battery is installed

Some laptops need to be turned off in order to recognize the new battery. After installing the new battery, be sure to restart or shut down your laptop.

5. The battery drained all the way to zero percent

If a laptop battery is drained all the way to zero percent, the battery sometimes does not have enough energy to turn on the computer again. When you try to charge the laptop, the battery does not store power anymore, or very poorly. These are clear signs that your battery is depleted and needs to be replaced.

6. The battery was not fully charged before first use

When the batteries are new, they do not have 100% capacity yet. They need some training to be able to keep a full charge. Charge the battery overnight and use until 20% is charged then use the battery again. Repeat this five times and your battery will be fully conditioned.

7. The computer was recently upgraded to a new version of Windows

Changing the operating system of your laptop can result in bugs in communication between the laptop and the battery. This may cause the battery to not charge.

8. The battery management software is incorrectly calibrated.

Sometimes the battery can be charged but the meter does not read correctly. This is common on laptops that do not use original batteries. You may then need to calibrate your laptop battery via your computer’s system settings.

9. The battery is defective

Even new batteries can sometimes be broken. Defects such as these are always covered by the warranty.

10. The charging circuit on the system board is defective.

This is your less common cause but can still happen. This requires replacement of the motherboard. This repair can cost thousands of kronor.

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