Important Features You Should Include During Android App Development?

Mobile apps’ popularity has been rising steadily in the last few years, in line with the advent of smartphones and their increased reliance on the modern-day. Organizations in different sectors, especially those in betting, such as Parimatch, rely heavily on mobile apps. Understanding how these apps work is fundamental in their development.

Android apps only work on android devices. It forms the basis of their development. Developing an android app is not a walk in the park, especially for beginners. This article explores some fundamental features you need to integrate into your app development.

Social Media Link

The popularity of social media needs to be taken into account when developing an app. Multinationals and budding companies take their social media presence very seriously and invest heavily to sell their brands on social media. A good app should allow users to share content on their social media pages.

As a leading means of communication today, information is conveyed through social media. With the press of a button, anyone should be able to share information within their social network irrespective of their geographical location.

For instance, as a global company, Parimatch can share in-app information on all its social media platforms. In India, for example, where online cricket betting is common, bettors can access odds and match fixtures shared on Parimatch social media platforms.

Search Bar

Make your app easy to use by providing a search feature to help users navigate with ease. Whereas it’s necessary to make the app engaging with a lot of content, too much information in one place can be cumbersome. What’s the use of it if app users cannot find it? A search bar makes it easy for users to get what they are looking for in your app by searching Keywords relevant to their needs.

User Experience

With the introduction of smartphones, people have become more accustomed to touch screens compared to traditional keyboards. Therefore, it’s paramount to ensure that your app relies on more on-screen tapping instead of keyboarding. Rather than typing certain information, the app provides an option to select such information.


Cybercrime is on the rise as the world shifts towards technological innovations. As an app developer, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that users are safe from cyber-attacks. Some of the information stored in the apps is sensitive and may prove costly in the wrong hands.

Appropriate security measures should be a bare minimum for any app developer. With more money being stored and transferred through mobile apps, emphasis must be encouraged on keeping the app secure.

User Feedback

Today most people rely heavily on reviews and feedback left by other users. To make an informed decision, people tend to read reviews about any particular app before downloading it. It helps them to ascertain whether the app in question meets their preferences.

Create a space that allows users of the app to leave comments and share their experiences. It is satisfying to have an opportunity to express your opinion about a product or service. The feedback section also limits the number of calls made to the support department.

On the other hand, the feedback can help you identify weaknesses in the app that need to be taken care of. It also provides an insight into how you can improve the app by adding or eliminating certain features.


As a rule of thumb, keep your app modest and fast. Concentration levels vary in different people. No one will be interested in a platform that is hard to navigate through. Most people prefer quick and effortless access to whatever they are looking for. Anything short of this is frustrating and only works against you and your app. A smooth user experience is encouraged and is a welcoming call to users.

Working Offline

The ability to perform tasks on the app without an internet connection is a feature that most users fancy. Full functionality may not be attainable when offline, but at least allow the users to access as much usability as possible. This feature allows users to perform tasks even when they unexpectedly lose their internet connection.


Nothing is as frustrating as an app that takes forever to load. App users are looking for a seamless experience, and if they don’t find it, they seek better alternatives. When it comes to apps loading slowly, nobody wants to wait. Make sure you design an app that loads fast. If it means you do not need too much information on your database, so be it. You cannot compromise on speed whatsoever.


As highlighted above, developing a top app takes a lot of consideration. The features highlighted above will make your app fun and exciting to use. Big companies with an international presence, such as Parimatch, prefer hiring professional app designers. That way, they can address the needs of their users wherever they are.

There are also more to think about if you want your app to work with smart speaker in your smart home.

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