How to Protect your Phone from Dying in the Cold [Phone Battery Dies in Cold]

A common problem many people have during the winter is that the mobile battery discharges unusually fast.

This is because the lithium-ion batteries in our smartphones do not work properly when you go below -10 degrees Celcius and lower.

In this article, we will therefore share our best tips for protecting your phone from the cold and keeping the battery from dying.

How to protect your mobile phone from the cold

  • Keep the mobile phone in an inner pocket so that it is close to the body.
  • A slightly thicker phone case can provide a little more protection against the cold.
  • Put the phone in a wool sock if you are going to have it in a thin bag or outer pocket.
  • Use hands-free and voice control so you do not have to take out your mobile phone frequently.
  • If the phone turns off because it’s cold, wait until it’s warm again before turning it on.

It’s a pity that our modern mobile phones are so sensitive. They can not be dropped into the ground without screen protectors and shells. Some can not handle water, even though it is becoming an increasingly common function. They can not withstand freezing temperatures. They are also sensitive to getting too hot.

At the same time, you have to remember that a lot has happened with mobiles since the Nokia 3310. It is actually a fairly advanced computer and camera in pocket format.

We require a lot of these small machines both in terms of design and function.

Personally, I try to avoid picking up the phone at all when I am outdoors if it is below -10 degrees celcius. I would rather not take off my gloves anyway. Use Bluetooth headphones so you have your mobile in your bag even if you listen to podcasts, music, or make a call.

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