How to Clean your Android Phone – Quick Guide

You may have seen advertisements for apps for your mobile that promise to do almost magical things to clean up your storage space. We’ve written about the subject before and why you should not use many of these cleaning mobile apps. Now we’ll tell you how you can really clean your mobile without losing performance or causing problems.

Android’s real system

For many users, the easiest way to clean unused files is built into Android. Just go to Settings and click on Storage. Here, you’ll find a button called Free up space. Click on it and select what you want to delete. Here you can easily delete temporary files that you have in your download folder, but you can also easily see a list of apps that you rarely use and uninstall them all with one click.

Clear more and deeper

If you do not find this Free Space setting in your mobile, it is because it comes from a manufacturer who has moved, changed or removed that feature. Many manufacturers that do not have this feature allow you to delete much more data instead. We do not recommend such cleanups as they often clear cache files that may be needed in some apps and may make the phone temporarily slower.

A better option is to use a good app. We recommend Files Go from Google. It can also be a good complement if Android’s built-in feature did not clear enough for you. If your mobile is completely full, you may first need to uninstall another app to install Files Go. However, it is only 6 MB in size so it is relatively easy to make room for it.

It may even be enough to delete one or two images to make room. With Files Go, the phone can be searched for files and apps that are rarely used. The app can also view large files in your mobile that you can decide if you want to keep or not. For example, there may be long video files that you can move to get more space.

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