How to buy links from Swedish websites

Most people within the SEO industry knows that purchasing Swedish links is a necessity to make a webpage rank in Sweden.

But why is that, and what should you think about when buying Swedish links for your website?

In this article, we´ll answer those questions and more.

When should you buy links from Swedish sites?

You should buy links from Swedish websites to make your webpage rank well in Sweden. Buying Swedish links is however not a necessity if you don’t intend to rank for Swedish keywords on the Swedish versions of popular search engines like Google.

Where can you buy links from Swedish sites?

You can buy links from Swedish SEO-agencies like, where you´ll also find a slightly more comprehensive guide for buying backlinks in Sweden. You can also contact Swedish webmasters separately, but it’s usually a better idea to buy Swedish links in bulk from an SEO agency.

5 tips for buying swedish links

  1. Buy links from “real” web pages.
  2. Buy links from relevant web pages.
  3. Use a well-thought-out anchor text.
  4. Make sure it´s a dofollow link.
  5. Point the backlink to an important article.

Below, we’ll speak about the tips mentioned above in a more detailed manner.

1. Buy links from authoritative websites

It’s a must to buy links from real websites, i.e. not websites with artificial backlink profiles and barely any real traffic. So, it is a good idea to buy links from webpages that has at least a domain rating of 10 and at least 500 visitors per months according to SEO-tools Ahrefs and SEMRush.

2. Buy links from pages with relevance

It’s also a good idea to buy links from pages within your own niche. So, if you have a casino site, its usually a good idea to get backlink from Swedish sites that rank well for keywords within the online casino niche.

But buying links from pages with less relevance is also a good idea. If you have a competent writing team, it’s easy to find a “common ground” that suits both pages, as you can see in the example below.

3. Use a well-thought-out anchor text

Using a suitable anchor text should be a top priority for you. So, if you want to rank better for the term “bitcoin market”, then it’s usually a good idea to use the exact term (and close variations of the term) “bitcoin market” to rank for that keyword.

4. Dofollow is the way to go

Links with the rel=nofollow-attribute is worth nothing, so make sure the link that points to your page has the dofollow attribute. Its standard practice to include the dofollow attribute when selling links in Sweden but making sure the link is marked as dofollow is usually worth the hassle.

5. Make sure the backlink points to an important article

It’s a good idea to make sure the backlinks you’re purchasing is directed to your most important pages, i.e. the kind of pages that you’ll make money from.

Within competitive niches such as casino and crypto, you’ll usually need over 100 (sometimes over 200) links for each important keyword to rank well on the Swedish version of Google.

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