Aviator Demo: how to play for free

Aviator is a new-generation slot machine that offers a radically new online gambling experience. The innovative slot was created by Spribe, which released the ‘airplane’ in 2020. Casinos let you play this slot Aviator for free. Although the game appeared relatively recently, the machine has managed to gather an impressive fanbase of gamblers from around the world.

Such popularity the brainchild of developers from Spribe owes as a new approach to remote gambling entertainment, and the simplicity of new mechanics. The multiplayer format with a leaderboard and chat room also played a role, solutions designed to whet the excitement of the participants. However, the main feature of the game were quick sessions and impressive odds that can in a couple of seconds to turn even a minimum deposit into a solid win.

Aviator demo

Where to play demo game

Thanks to the popularity that erupted almost immediately after its release, the game can be found on almost every betting site or online casino. However, it’s not a good idea to put real money into the accounts of the first platform you come across.

Unscrupulous operators can make changes to the random number generator that initially ensures the fairness of the game, changing the odds of winning in their favour. In addition, the internet is full of scammers who appropriate data and money from inattentive players who have logged on to phishing sites.

Regardless of the chosen site, the process of playing Aviator demo https://www.boburnhaminside.com/demo-aviator/ remains the same.

What is the interest of the game

Players watch a red corncob taking off on a black playing field, “carrying” the curve of the flight line at a rate that increases every second. At some point, the coefficient stops growing and the airplane leaves the game, flying out of the playing field. The exit odds will appear on the screen, signaling the end of the current round and the transition to a new betting round. After the time allotted for new betas, the plane will once again soar into the eternal night of the playing field.

The objective is to end the bet as close to the moment the plane flies out of the screen as possible, thus catching the maximum betting odds. Players will need not only luck and calculation but also reaction because they will have to “leave” the plane on their own by clicking on the appropriate button. Winners get the winnings equal to the product of the bet multiplied by the odds that were on the screen at the time of the exit. The plane always starts with 1x and can reach a maximum “height” of 200x.

Players who are late in exiting lose the amounts they have wagered.

Aviator strategies

There are many strategies on gambling websites that provide a “100%” victory. Some experts draw attention to the sequence of falling out odds, others offer to calculate the number of “loaded” money, while others assure that the sought pattern is hidden in the table of leaders. There are also quite lazy advisors, not even trying to hide their interests. These strategists assure that big winnings will come only to the players who “lost” their bets in the first ten rounds.

And the cherry on the cake of such guides is the link to the site of the casino, where the scheme just work. We advise against trusting such a winning strategy Aviator, and do not offer your own unique method.

However, we do understand users, especially beginners, who are captivated by the idea of making quick and easy money. However, before risking any real money, it is worth trying out the scheme for free. To do so, just run the Demo Aviator mode to put the suggested ideas into practice without risk. It’s also a legal and safe way to find your own lucky strategy.

How to play the demo game

To start playing Aviator in demo mode, you need to

  1. Go to the official casino website. The Aviator game is popular and available at reliable casinos such as Pin Up, 1xBet, Betmaster, Parimatch, 1Win.
  2. Register for free at the casino.
  3. Once logged in, find Aviator under “Games” and click on “Aviator Demo version”.
  4. Play and enjoy.


How to play the demo game safely and securely?

To play safely you only need to go to the official casino websites. The game cannot be downloaded separately, you have to install the casino app beforehand.

Can I win real money playing for free?

No, you cannot win real money. You will be playing with virtual money, but the system will withdraw it.

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