Are Feminized Seeds Harder to Grow?

Feminized seeds are those from which female bushes grow, provided that they have the proper care. They have a huge number of advantages over ordinary seeds, including extraordinary strength and THC saturation. Marijuana connoisseurs highly value them. But at the same time, there is a myth that it is more difficult to grow feminised seeds than ordinary plants or auto-flowering ones.

Is it that difficult to grow feminized seeds?

When gardeners grow regular marijuana, they are dealing with both male and female plants. At the same time, male marijuana plants do not bring practical benefits, and therefore, the gardener is forced to clear the plantation of these plants. In contrast, in the case of feminized seeds, such a problem does not arise. Moreover, the decision to grow feminized plants has many advantages. If you want to experience the difference in cultivation in practice, you can find the best varieties on the pages of the “Herbies” catalog. In the meantime, let’s consider why gardeners increasingly prefer feminized varieties of cannabis.

  • No need to track male plants and spend time cleaning the plantation from them;
  • No need to waste resources and space on growing unnecessary sprouts.
  • They grow according to approximately the same rules as ordinary varieties.

At the same time, there is only a 1% chance out of 100 that some plants will change sex or become hermaphrodites. It happens only if the plant faces stress.

Conditions for proper cultivation of feminized marijuana varieties 

Stressful conditions include improper lighting, oversaturation of the soil with fertilizers, and sudden temperature changes. They also affect the yield of marijuana, regardless of strain. Here are some tips for the gardener to get a great harvest.

In the cultivation of feminized strains of cannabis, the optimal air temperature is 20-22 °C, since at temperatures above 28 °C, the plant may begin to feel stressed. At each stage of the plant’s life cycle, certain nutrients are needed, for example, nitrogen is needed at the beginning of plant growth, and phosphorus and potassium are needed during flowering.

After the appearance of two pairs of three leaves on the plant, follow special care mode: 

  • Use of mineral fertilizers with high nitrogen content; 
  • Control indoor temperature;
  • Track humidity level S;
  • Set a photoperiod of 12 hours; 
  • Make special lighting in the blue spectrum. 

This method is recommended to be followed for 2–3 weeks, after which you can return to the usual care with the maintenance of the optimal temperature regime and humidity.

If you do notice that a male or hermaphrodite plant has appeared in the garden, carefully wrap it in a bag and remove the plant from the sowing area. This allows you to grow a good crop despite this annoyance.

Why is it important to remove male plants from a plantation or grow box?

Hemp can be male or female. The cones on female plants contain more THC and CBD, making them more popular with growers. Male plants have minimal cannabinoid content and are used exclusively for reproduction. During the first manifestation of sexual characteristics, male and female plants must be separated from each other. It is critical to avoid contact between them as even a light breath of wind can cause pollination of the female plant. It will cause the plant to focus on forming seeds rather than developing resinous cones.

However, when it comes to feminized seeds, there is no benefit, because these varieties are selected and modified, so it is impossible to get the same seeds at home as you bought in the store. That is, for the next sowing, you need a new batch of seeds, and therefore, the expediency of growing male plants disappears completely.

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