Android VS iPhone – Which Should you Choose?

There are some differences that can be good to keep in mind when choosing a cell phone. In this article, we will show the advantages and disadvantages of both iPhone and Android.

We will simply find out which type of phone suits you best.

What is the difference?

When it comes to which smartphone is best, opinions may differ. Some advocate Apple’s iPhone and others advocate Android.

What exactly are the differences between these phones? Is there a difference or is it just a matter of taste?

There are actually some aspects that you can take into account when you are in the choice and qualification between an Android phone and an iPhone.

First and foremost, we need to sort out that iPhone is a phone, and android is an operating system. The iPhone, however, sues Apple’s own iOS operating system, meaning it is a question of Android VS iOS.

We sort out all the differences and similarities!

Different operating systems

The biggest difference between an Android phone and an iPhone is the different operating systems in the phone. Android uses Android, while iPhone’s operating system is called iOS.

An operating system is the link between the computer itself and the applications you want to use on your phone. iOS is a closed system that is only used on Apple devices, while Android is available in several different manufacturers’ mobiles.


An iPhone is simply an iPhone, a durable product that Apple is the only manufacturer of.

Historically, new iPhone models are released in two-year cycles, one new model each year. This means that there are not so many iPhones to choose from – but the excitement is all the greater when new models are actually launched.

On the other hand, the same fact means that there is only one iPhone maker, Apple, and that they have full control over operating systems and apps. It provides a secure phone that always works and delivers quality.

Because Apple uses the same operating system in all its products, they interact better with each other. Therefore, if you are already the owner of a Mac computer, an iPhone may be the easiest choice.

Android, on the other hand, is available in many different makes, designs and models, and can be both expensive and cheap. Here you have more freedom to choose both appearance and price, but still get the same operating system.

The price is a difference

Historically, the price of an Android phone and an iPhone has differed quite sharply. In terms of price, the iPhone has always been well above the Android phones. Today, however, there are a variety of Android phones on the market, and some of the most expensive models from popular manufacturers such as Samsung are in the same price range as the most expensive models from Apple.

Apple also sells budget models, such as the iPhone SE, to be able to compete with the cheaper Android models. But if you are looking for a really cheap smartphone, and want to buy a new and not a used one, it is Android you should turn to. The range is larger and the price many times lower.

If you are fond of iOS and Apple, and are willing to pay a little more, there are cheaper iPhone models with many operators.

According to many, the iPhone was long superior in terms of both performance and appearance, but their biggest Android competitor Samsung has taken big steps in recent years. Android and iPhone are similar in many ways when it comes to performance and features – but when it comes to smartphones, it’s the little things that make the difference.

Apps on mobile

There is a large selection of apps for both Android and iPhone. It’s said to be a little harder to get their apps approved and posted in the Apple App Store so they can be used in an iPhone. Maybe that’s the reason why there are a little more apps for Android than there are for the iPhone today.

In May 2020, there were about 1.85 million apps for the iPhone in the App Store, while there were about 2.56 million apps for Android. There is a greater openness when it comes to apps for Android, and they are not as tough when it comes to the approval of new apps in Google Play.
Mobile games

One of the driving forces behind the popularity of mobiles for both iPhone and Android is all the different games that are available, and today there are thousands of different games to choose from.

Many game developers become multimillionaires. Who can forget the once popular game Angry Birds? One of the most played games ever. Using the mobile phone as a gaming platform has really taken root among both young and older generations.

Many games are available for both iPhone and Android phones – and many games are also of a really high quality. The processors and graphics in the latest models, both from Apple and Android models, maintain a really high quality and make the gaming experience seamless.


Accessories for smartphones are a large, and constantly growing, market. You can find covers, chargers, headphones, stands and much more.

Because the iPhone is available in so few models, it is easy to produce accessories. Therefore, there is often a larger range of accessories for the iPhone, something that probably every single Android user has ever resented. If it is important for you to be able to easily find accessories, such as covers, headphones and speakers, then iPhone is the easiest choice.

Nowadays, the iPhone is available in several different sizes, so the iPhone has expanded in terms of covers and accessories. Apple founder Steve Jobs wanted the same size for all mobiles, but since his death, Apple has chosen to broaden its mobile range of accessories and sizes for its iPhones. This led to an increase in sales.

iPhone or Android mobiles

Android phones are available in several looks and designs, so you have a better chance of finding a phone that looks the way you want. There are also several providers of Android mobiles, which means that there are significantly more models, sizes, designs and price ranges for those who want an Android mobile. Samsung has in recent years taken large market shares with its mobiles and has really established itself as one of the really big suppliers of mobile phones and accessories.

Integration with other devices

Being able to integrate your mobile phone with your other devices has always been important, but nowadays it is almost a matter of course that you should be able to interact between your different products. This is actually best done with an iPhone and Apple’s other products.

Apple currently has the best interaction between its tablets, laptops, computers and mobile phones. Android is approaching, but the iPhone is easier to use between different devices. All Apple products are manufactured by one supplier, and they are manufactured with function, design, functionality and cooperation with the other products in mind.


It is rare to need to get in touch with a support, regardless of whether you choose an Android or an iPhone. When the day comes when you need support, then the iPhone is the better of the two. It is easier and it is usually quick to get good and knowledgeable support.

Battery times

In general, all mobile phones consume a lot of battery when you use it in everyday life. There are several models that consume less battery and there are several things that can be done to improve battery life. Some updates and apps save energy on your device and this reduces the battery life.

It can generally be said that Android consumes less battery, but this is a truth with modification because Android has so many different models from different vendors. But as I said, in general, they have historically drawn less battery, and do so today. The winner of battery life is Android, although the iPhone has keyed in in recent years.

Should I choose Iphone or Android mobile?

It all depends on what you value most in a mobile phone. Apple Iphone is part of a closed ecosystem, which includes Mac, Ipad and Iphone. They are known for their ease of use, quality and design. Android mobiles can be just as expensive performance monsters as budget phones, and really have nothing more in common than that they are based on the same operating system.

What is the difference between Iphone and Android?

Iphone is a product line from Apple, whose phones use the operating system iOS. Android phones can instead come from several different manufacturers, such as Xiaomi and Samsung. They use their own modified versions of the Android operating system.

Is Android or Iphone cheapest?

There are significantly more low-cost mobiles that use Android as an operating system than iOS. If you are looking for as cheap a mobile phone as possible, then you should look on the Android page.

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