A Beginner’s Guide to Live Sports Betting


The advent of live betting is probably the most significant development in the online sports betting industry in the last decade or so. It has completely revolutionized sports betting.

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Live betting – that’s the magic word, but what does it actually mean? We’ve decided to dig into this topic to bring you up-to-date and detailed information related to this betting opportunity.

Advantages of Live Betting Over Traditional Betting 

The opportunity to place bets on the event that is going in real-time looks extremely enticing and promising. But that is certainly not the only advantage that live betting brings with it.

Better Odds

In terms of odds setting, there is absolutely no room for error on the part of bookmakers. Even the smallest of them may result in big losses.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the bookmakers spare neither time nor money to set the odds as well as they can.

Considering that bookmakers typically spend days setting odds correctly when it comes to traditional betting, it is clear that they make very few mistakes.

However, the situation regarding live sports betting looks completely different. The live betting results change every minute, which means that the bookmakers have significantly less time to set the odds accordingly. And you can use that to your advantage.

More Excitement

Betting itself is an extremely fun pastime that often provides unforgettable emotions. But the live bets definitely take the fun factor to another level.

There are many reasons for this, but the biggest one is of course the fact that the results and thus the chances of winning are constantly changing.

This makes it a lot more exciting to watch the matches and bet on them. And the feeling you get when your live wager wins is matchless.

Additional Betting Opportunities

Perhaps the biggest advantage that live betting has over traditional betting is the number of betting options that bookmakers provide. Bettors can count on a lot more betting markets. 

Of course, this also improves the overall betting experience. For example, when a player bets live on the time of the next goal, they are immediately put on alert while they wait with their fingers crossed for the designated minute. 

More on Live Sports Betting 

In the early years, the differences between live and traditional betting were relatively small in terms of available features.

However, live betting has developed rapidly in recent years, so both the number of features and their functionality have been significantly improved.

Changing Odds

Probably the most notable thing about live sports betting is the constantly changing odds, which are adjusted to the current result.

As already mentioned, the bookmakers have significantly less time to set the odds accordingly, which means that they are often a lot lower/higher than they should be.

Cash Out

This feature allows you to redeem the bet slip before the end of the game, thus significantly reducing the risk factor. However, not all bookmakers provide this feature, so be sure to check before betting. 

Quick Bet

An extremely interesting feature that not only makes betting a lot easier but also greatly increases your chances of winning.

 Namely, with this feature, you can compare the odds first and when you have found the best ones, this feature will direct you directly to the desired bookmaker where you can place the bet. 

In order to use this feature, however, you must have an account with the desired bookie.

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