11 Tips to Make your Android Phone Safer

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smartphone. The fear that the phone will be hacked or stolen is now great. It is said that iOS should be a bit more secure than Android – so how can we Android users make our phone more secure? Read our 11 tips below to make your Android phone more secure.

Use PIN code, graphic password, or regular password The first thing you should do when you get your phone is to secure it from intrusion. You can do this by going to screen lock under security in your settings.

Get an antivirus program With an antivirus program on your mobile, you can get protection against both viruses and spyware.

AVG Free, Avast software and Kaspersky Antivirus programs are the best on the market. They can all be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Only download apps from secure sources

If you want to download a new app or test a new game, then download the app from a secure source such as Google Play Store. Also, read other users’ reviews. There are a lot of apps today that come with a lot of advertising which can be very annoying. If you do not want to download from any site other than Google Play Store, you can select this in your settings under security, unknown sources. Here you can choose if you want to be able to download apps from unknown sources or just known ones.

Save only certain passwords on your phone

Many apps today have a very smart feature that allows you to save passwords for different web pages. Although this makes the user experience easier for the user, one should think about the devastating consequences it can have if a person gets hold of one’s mobile phone. Think about this the next time you receive a request to save your password.

Lock your apps

If you have certain apps or programs with sensitive information, you can get an app that password protects them. According to beebom.com, App Lock is the best and most used app for just this. More than one hundred million users use this app to lock various programs.

Read what different apps need access to before downloading

Do you, like many others, download apps from the Google Play Store without reading what the app needs access to? Then change your habits and read this information carefully. An app needs some permission, but if an alarm clock, for example, needs access to your photos, it may be better to download another similar app. Some of the apps in the Google Play Store are not secure.

Encrypt your connection

Use a VPN app to encrypt your connection. This way, it is more difficult for others to access your information. Also, be careful not to log in to your bank or other sensitive sites when connected to a public network.

Update your operating system and your apps

Sometimes it can be annoying and time-consuming to update the operating system or apps, but do not forget that these updates also often come with increased security and it is, therefore, important to spend that extra minute on an update.

Backing up your information

It is important to take a few extra minutes to back up your information on your phone. Save mobile numbers, photos, and other things that are important to you before a possible accident occurs.

The phone may break, you may get rid of it or have it stolen. Nowadays, there are many applications that can help you with this, such as: Titanium Backup. By using apps such as Dropbox, you can choose to have the phone upload photos automatically when you are connected with wifi.

Encrypt your information

If you go to settings and select security – encrypt your mobile, you can use a PIN code to encrypt all information on your phone such as accounts, settings, apps, media, and other files. When encrypting, no one but the person who knows the PIN code can access the information on the phone.

Learn what to do if you lose your phone

If you, unfortunately, get rid of your phone, you can use Android’s device administrator; http://android.com/devicemanager to locate and lock your phone and delete all information.

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